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Guasha Challenge: Wednesday - Get Lifted

Why can Wednesday's be so challenging? Are you lethargic, tired, bloated, or crampy? We want to help get rid of those Wednesday (or any day) slumps. Not affected by hump day slumps? Do you ever experience that drag-your-feet afternoon feeling, or have you ever struggled to get through a painful menstrual cycle? If the answer is no, congrats, what's your secret?!  If the...


Guasha Challenge: Tuesday - Balancing Act

Be it energetically, physically, or emotionally, balance is fundamental to our health. The importance of balance really can't be overlooked, in TCM it's synonymous with good health. Today we're going to focus on creating balance using channels in the arm where numerous meridians can be found. The Yin meridians of the arm are the Lung, Heart, and Pericardium. The Yang meridians of the...


Guasha Challenge: Monday - Don't stress, Digest!

Welcome to day 1 of our guasha challenge! We're so excited to share this journey with you to help elevate your practice. Most of the guasha methods we're exposed to are about the face, but here you're going to learn simple techniques for mind, body, and spiritual wellness that honor the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The What's & Why's of Lymphatic Drainage

We discuss a commonly referred to process in the health and wellness space: lymphatic drainage. What is it and why is it important. Read on to find out!

Stress Management Toolkit

Everyone faces stress, it’s part of life. Though stress gets a bad rep it isn’t always a negative, it can be a catalyst for motivation, positive change, growth, and can even trigger survival responses in times of danger. It's chronic stress that becomes problematic. The trick is learning how to manage stress and identifying it before it becomes chronic. Here is a simple tool kit that you can use to help bring stress levels down.
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