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Mixology 101: Vitamin C

When it comes to skincare there are so many fabulous ingredients but knowing how to use them is not always intuitive. Though it would be lovely to just slap on a given product and get the best results, it's not always so simple. We see questions on general use and mixing of ingredients all the time so we thought a brief on which ingredients work well together and which should be avoided would be useful. To start our Mixology 101 series we are covering vitamin C!

Oils for Oily Skin?

We know it sounds counterintuitive but oils can be incredibly beneficial for people with oily skin! Oils are incredibly adept at keeping skin balanced by regulating oil production as well as strengthening and protecting the skin barrier.

The Many Forms of Vitamin C

We all love Vitamin C, it’s a staple for bright glowy skin.  You’ve probably noticed that it can go by different names, L-Ascorbic Acid, MAP, etc. and wondered if these different names mean the forms are actually different. The answer is yes. The derivations and compositions of the various options are different, which means more options for you.  As some people have issues with Vitamin C on their sensitive skin we’ll go through the most prevalent ones here so you can determine what is best for you.

Superstar Spotlight: Linoleic Acid

We want you to be friends with linoleic acid. It has moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, acne-fighting, naturally exfoliating, and brightening properties; all essential for healthy, even, clear skin. Guess which product is rich in linoleic acid? The DRFO! Argan, Grapeseed, Prickly Pear, Passion Fruit, Black Currant & Cranberry Seed oils all boast impressive concentrations of this wonder worker.

Sustainable Beauty Q&A with Moira Holistic

To wrap up Earth month we tapped Moria Holistic (check out her Instagram and blog) a sustainable clean beauty blogger and consultant, who was generous enough to share some of her insights. We discuss making the switch to a more sustainable beauty routine, how she vets products and companies before she supports them, recycling your beauty products, and more.
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