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Meet the Fresh Faced Exfoliating Peel

Our Fresh Faced Exfoliating Peel (FFEP) uses a potent combination of AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), fruit extracts, and a PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid) to slough away dead skin cells and promote skin cell turnover.  With us you don’t have to worry about burns, scarring, or being red faced and stingy for hours. Learn more!

Do your skin a favor, have an orgasm.

It’s not a myth it’s a fact, your skin looks better post orgasm. The glow is real and studies show that the afterglow lasts at least 24 hours. For those of you who have ever wondered why this happens, read on about one of our favorite natural wonders

The Dry Brushing Guide

Dry brushing: using a body brush to gently massage your body in an upward motion. If you're new to this practice, here's a helpful little body map to guide you through the process. The whole thing should take about five minutes so it's a fairly simple and non-committal health boosting ritual. Do it a few times and you'll be map free! Note: When purchasing...


Guasha Challenge: Sunday- Just Relax

It's Sunday, the day of rest and relaxation. The real question is are you actually resting and relaxing? You've probably already mentally stepped into the week ahead, we get it, sometimes it feels impossible to shut off. Dr. Kung knows the importance of being well rested and wants us all to make it a priority. Today she teaches us a trick to help us get...


Guasha Challenge: Saturday - Good Vibrations

It’s the weekend and we want you to spend it feeling your best. Are you sore, in pain, feeling down, tired, unfocused? Today’s tip is about reducing inflammation, clearing the mind, lifting the spirit, and bringing an energizing effect to the whole body- it’s for that all around feel good sensation. Follow Dr. Kung as she demonstrates how to use...

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