Guasha Challenge: Thursday - Release It

Author Team Essentialist

Our focus today is relaxation through release. Pent up energy, emotions, thoughts, stress, or whatever it is, we want you to let it go. We love today’s tip because Dr. Kung shows us a hack that brings immediate results. The other tips work immediately too but this is more tangible, you should physically feel it. Working with the San Jiao and Gallbladder meridians behind the ear, you’ll learn a great way to alleviate stress, tension, and headaches, finding instant relief in release! 

The San Jiao Meridian is known in TCM as a major fascia connector that holds all emotions. This powerful channel gathers the body's nourishment to serve both physical and spiritual release, incredible right? The Gallbladder meridian represents courage, decision-making, and setting boundaries with yourself and those around you.  When we feel stress the San Jiao and Gallbladder manifest it through tension in the jaw, IT band, shoulder and neck, as well as neck headaches.  So next time you need relief from tension, headaches, jaw tightness and/or soreness, try this guasha exercise.  

Self Work:

Before practicing check in with your mind and body, try to pinpoint where you need release.  Is there a decision weighing on you, a change you’re scared to make, have you been giving too much when you should be setting limits? Try use this tip preventively to release any tension before it sets in.

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Thursday- "Release It"