Raising the bar.

Like most great brands, Essentialist was created to better the playing field. Our founder was frustrated by the shortcomings of the traditional skincare model which advocates for the maximalist approach. It's a great way to sell products but, it isn't the best pathway to acheive healthy skin.

More product and more intensity is rarely the answer to transformative results. Real change takes time and sustaining those changes requires a long term approach. Enter our multitasking, minimalist method, designed to streamline routines and make the care of skin burden free. Healthy skin starts here.

Our Mission

Our aim is to go beyond selling products. We want to demystify the care of skin and provide a platform for self-care and education.

The movement to start Essentialist began when I abandoned the traditional approach to skincare

Madina Baxandall, founder

My skincare journey in adulthood has been fraught with challenges. I was relatively problem free until my 30’s when everything changed dramatically. Living and working in Manhattan, stress, pressure, and pollution took a toll, my skin suffered the worst of it.

The growing need to turn inward, reset, and start caring for myself holistically, led me down the path of learning how to heal my skin. The movement to start Essentialist was founded upon my purist inclinations; clean, natural, and unadulterated. I’m incredibly grateful to be able to share our product and help guide you on the journey to healthier skin and higher well-being. I envision Essentialist as a way of life, let’s simplify together.


A higher standard

Adhering to rigorous Canadian safety standards which rank among the worlds strictest, akin to those of Europe, Korea, and Japan, our formulations address a multitude of skin concerns without compromising your safety. We've struck a balance in creating potent and effective products that are also gentle and non-irritating. Trust us, we've got you.