Guasha Challenge: Friday - Get Grounded

Author Team Essentialist

Have you been buzzing, floating, maybe feeling some residual frenetic energy from whatever happened this week?  At the end of the week we like to get grounded.  Allow yourself to process all that happened then move forward to enter a period of restoration. We’ll be focusing on the Kidney meridian for this exercise. The kidneys are the engine of the body. They are the organs that not only represent aging and growth but how and when you age and grow.

Using an acupressure technique with your guasha tool, Dr. Kung demonstrates an easy way to ground your energy. You’ll learn how to literally send all the energy in your head (anxiety, depression, worry) to your feet. This is one of the most energetically grounding points on the body, so learn to use it whenever you need to bring yourself back to equilibrium. 

Self Work: 

Work on your awareness. Practice this technique and then take note of how you're feeling. Challenge yourself to actively carry this grounded energy through the weekend for ultimate restoration. Notice you're feeling off again?  Make it a point to recalibrate whenever you realize it's necessary.

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Friday- "Get Grounded" by Ty Maccagno