Beauty From the Inside Out with Raj Barker

Author Team Essentialist

It makes sense that what we input affects our output. What we eat plays a huge role in determining our mood, ability to focus, energy levels, digestive health, skin health, and overall physical appearance. How you nourish your body matters and the best part is that it doesn't need to be complicated. Holistic Functional Nutritionist (BHSc) and Health Coach @thewell, Raj Barker weighs in with some simple tips on eating for beauty. You can find Raj on Instagram @rajbarker or learn more about her work at

There is only so much one can control in this life so let's try make good decisions count where we can. It's the little things that create larger change, see what you can start with today.

Happy eating!

Team Essentialist xx

Photo credit @alyssasmangos