Guided Meditation with Krystal Chong: Meet Your Higher Self

Author Team Essentialist

Many of us could use a reminder that our imperfections are often what make us most beautiful.  Our uniqueness should not be glossed over or molded to fit the norm. Some of the most striking and attractive people do not fit the archetype for traditional beauty but they embrace and carry themselves with confidence- they don’t shy away from what makes them stand out.  Why then is self acceptance so difficult for many of us?  Why can’t we simply embrace our differences as our strengths and stop judging ourselves so harshly?

Today we're going to work on nurturing more self-compassion.  We want you to refocus the lens through which you view yourself. It could be something small or maybe more profound but, the goal is to begin appreciating some of the things you had previously disliked.  Eventually, with practice, you will come to a place where you overcome these petty criticisms and stop tying your self-worth to external markers like your appearance. 

The fundamental thing is that you will begin actively reprogramming new thought patterns.  Let’s get deep together and free ourselves from limiting negative patterns of thought.  Our dear friend @krystalchong has created a custom guided meditation to help us tap into our higher selves.  If nothing more, use this as a reminder to treat yourself more gently, you can't lose.

Krystal is a holistic anxiety specialist and her work is truly transformative. Visit her site if you suffer from anxiety, are feeling stuck or stagnant in your life, or just desire some new positive inspiration. She helps you reprogram by providing tools for not only overcoming your burdens but turning them into powerful forces you can use. We love her at Essentialist and think you will too. Enjoy!