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Gua Sha - An Introduction with Dr. Debbie Kung

Watch and learn as Dr. Debbie Kung demonstrates the fundamentals of facial gua sha. It's a helpful visual for those unfamiliar with how to use the tool.  Learn this flow so you can do it on your own and make gua sha part of your regular self-care practice!


Your Skin's Microbiome Needs Some TLC

What is it? The community of living microorganisms that protect the skin and keep the skin barrier (i.e. the acid mantle and lipid barrier) functioning optimally. The microbiome is made up primarily of bacteria but can also contain fungi, viruses, and mites which are all imperative to overall skin health. You can't see it with the naked eye but it's very...


Spotlight On: Bakuchiol

Let’s talk about Bakuchiol. It's a phytochemical obtained from the seeds of the Psoralea Corylifolia plant, a.k.a. the Babchi plant, and it happens to function in much the same way as retinol. It's natural, safe, gentle, and most importantly effective, making it an Essentialist star ingredient.  Being vegan, it has the added bonus of being cruelty free which retinol often is not,...

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