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Antioxidants, Free Radicals + Oxidative Stress

We throw these words around a lot in the skincare world so we thought a better understanding would be beneficial. The more you know, the more you can do to help yourself, right? Let’s start with free radicals, the pesky molecules we can thank for breaking down collagen and manifesting many of the unflattering conditions we all want to avoid like...


Why the "HOW" Matters

If you’ve done even the most basic skincare research you will know that how you apply your products is almost as important as what products you use. Think back to your last facial and try recall how the professionals handled your skin. Is it different than how you typically treat yours on a daily basis? We want you to start treating your...


Face Love - A Guided Meditation

Take a few minutes out of your day to stop, get present, and enjoy this mediation that Jordyn Roe has created especially for Essentialist. It has been designed to reframe negative self image, nurture self love, and help channel your inner glow. We wanted to provide our community with this gift in thanks of your support.  

Sound Bath: Restore and Reset Meditation

If you have never experienced the transportive bliss of a sound bath then you're in for a treat. It's a kind of vibrational journey that you really have to feel to understand. The principle is based on sympathetic resonance; in this case of the body meeting and vibrating in harmony with the sound.  It’s an effective way to sink into a...


Holistic Skin Care with Botanical Oils by Dr. Rashmi Sharma

Essentialist tapped Dr. Rashmi Sharma, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and Expert in Natural Cosmetic Formulations, to explain the role and benefits of natural oils in maintaining skin health.  It's a short read with a powerful message - natural oils work. Read on to find out how. Well hydrated and properly moisturized skin is essential not only for a youthful look but...

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