Guasha Challenge: Wednesday - Get Lifted

Author Team Essentialist

Why can Wednesday's be so challenging? Are you lethargic, tired, bloated, or crampy? We want to help get rid of those Wednesday (or any day) slumps. Not affected by hump day slumps? Do you ever experience that drag-your-feet afternoon feeling, or have you ever struggled to get through a painful menstrual cycle? If the answer is no, congrats, what's your secret?!  If the answer is yes Dr. Kung has a tip that just might save your day.

She's bringing the spleen into focus because of the role it plays with respect to energy.  It is a digestive organ and in TCM it's responsible for pulling Qi (life force energy) from the foods you eat and distributing it to the rest of your body.  Today’s tip is especially useful if you’re on your cycle but regardless, it is a great way to boost your energy.  Let’s get lifted!

Self Work:

Don't wait for the blah to settle in. Try using this tip to boost your energy every day. Too much of a commitment? Try to do it at 1-3 times per week until it becomes habitual. 

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Wednesday- "Get Lifted"