Guasha Challenge: Monday - Don't stress, Digest!

Author Team Essentialist

Welcome to day 1 of our challenge! We're so excited to share this journey with you to help elevate your guasha practice. Most of the guasha methods we're exposed to are about the face, but here you're going to learn simple techniques for mind, body, and spiritual wellness that honor the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) origins of guasha. Dr. Kung has designed a flow to carry us through the week and combat some of the issues that typically come up. Here we go, enjoy!

We’re starting the week focusing on digestion in TCM which covers the spleen, large intestine, and stomach organs.  Today we’re honing in on the stomach which is associated with the earth element and digestion not only of food but of life itself. Emotions such as worry, anxiety, and stress can affect the digestion process, so we felt it fitting to bring this into focus on Monday when these emotions tend to pop up. Thinking of the week ahead, that epic to-do-list, something you have to do but are dreading? We want you to beat the Monday scaries and never look back- or at least have a tool in the kit to you fight them! 

Dr. Kung will tap into point Stomach 36, a point known in TCM to help empower your center, ease worry, and create grounding energy to support your digestion.  Stomach 36 is a rock star point for also enhancing your immune system, bringing more energy into the limbs, and even promoting longevity.  It’s a great point to use when you need an extra boost in your life. Happy Monday everyone, here’s to healthy digestion of food and life!

Self Work:

Think of digestion not just in terms of foods but more broadly, how do you digest your workload, thoughts, emotions? Take that one step further and ask yourself how you’re digesting or accepting situations or life events.  If you've been facing difficulty in this area, try to use this technique on a regular basis and see if it helps you overcome your blocks. This is not a one-and-done kind of thing, it will be an ongoing process so try your best to stay in tune.

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Monday - "Don't Stress, Digest"