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What's that smell?!

The making of fragrance is almost entirely unregulated. In a world where extensive compliance measures govern nearly every industry, fragrance managed to get a pass. We’re going to explain why this should be cause for concern, how greater awareness will impact your consumption, and how you can improve your sensory experience by using natural scents. In short, you should know the costs in order to weigh the benefits

Skin Care Questions: To Double Cleanse or Not?

We at Essentialist are all about simplicity so you know we would never introduce an extra step for no reason.  The general idea is that a single cleanse doesn't quite do the trick and we tend to agree.  If you wear a full face of make-up, a mineral based sunscreen, or are simply an urban dweller, chances are that's true. ...


Guided Meditation with Krystal Chong: Meet Your Higher Self

Many of us could use a reminder that our imperfections can be some our most beautiful traits. Let’s get deep together and free ourselves from limiting negative patterns of thought by tapping into a little more self-compassion with a 10 minute guided meditation by holistic anxiety specialist, Krystal Chong.



Beauty From the Inside Out with Raj Barker

It makes sense that what we input affects our output in terms of energy levels, physical appearance, and the health of our skin. There is only so much we can control in this life but what we eat is one of them. Holistic nutritionist and wellness coach Raj Barker weighs in with some simple tips on eating for beauty.


Skincare in Lockdown: Q&A with Magda Bellanova

We’re back with Part 2 of our Q&A series titled Skincare in Lockdown.  We had a great chat with the wonderfully talented Magda Bellanova of Bellanova Beauty Lab in Brooklyn, NY, and got her scoop on the best at home skincare practices, and how to improve your skin between treatments.  Adapting to her clients’ needs during the pandemic, Magda started offering...

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