Sound Bath: Restore and Reset Meditation

Author Team Essentialist

If you have never experienced the transportive bliss of a sound bath then you're in for a treat. It's a kind of vibrational journey that you really have to feel to understand. The principle is based on sympathetic resonance; in this case of the body meeting and vibrating in harmony with the sound.  It’s an effective way to sink into a deeply relaxed and meditative state.   

Healing through sound is an ancient practice that has experienced a revival as of late and believe us, once you try it you'll get why. The sound waves restore balance to the body and its biological functions, especially the endocrine system responsible for our hormones. We know stress is a major cause of a many health issues (yes, even pesky breakouts) so here's a great antidote to add to the arsenal. This practice helps to reduce stress, calm the mind, ease tension, improve your mood, decrease fatigue, and even restore clarity. We promise you will end feeling rested, if not completely renewed.  

It is important that you prepare well prior. Drink plenty of water, wear non-restrictive clothes, unplug/power off, lie down somewhere comfortable where you can cover yourself with a blanket and remain uninterrupted for the duration. We like to enjoy our practice in the evenings when we can really wind down. Light some candles, release the day, and submit to the journey.  

REIKI master and sound healer @samadhienergyhealing has created this divine session just for us so do yourself a favor and give it a go. Consider it a pre-holiday gift from us!

Enjoy the healing vibes,


Team Essentialist xx


(photo from Pinterest)