Flow for Glow - 5 Minute Yoga

Author Team Essentialist

We all know that yoga can help relieve stress but did you know it can improve your complexion? The yoga glow is real and if you practice regularly you’ve probably already noticed the benefits it has on your skin. By moving your body you can balance hormones, move stagnant waste in the intestines, lubricate joints, and increase oxygen flow. In addition to these general benefits of yoga this class focuses on inversions to improve circulation to the face, twists to detoxify by flushing the organs, and forward folds to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system to lower cortisol, the stress hormone, which will help reduce oxidative stress and boost your GLOW!

With over a decade of yoga teaching experience, Michelle Critch-Gilfillan (follow her on Instagram @ishelle) is happily living in Bali where she leads yoga retreats and serves her global network as a wellness coach. She loves empowering her students and clients to create powerful changes in their lives one breath at a time as together we collectively use our positive intentions to make the world a better place.