Do your skin a favor, have an orgasm.

Author Team Essentialist

It’s not a myth it’s a fact, your skin looks better post orgasm. The glow is real and studies show that the afterglow lasts at least 24 hours. For those of you who have ever wondered why this happens, read on about one of our favorite natural wonders. 

The simple explanation is blood flow, it’s all in that glorious rush of blood to the skin. The blood cells carrying oxygen flood your face (and body) and this increased oxygen supply actually helps the skin build collagen.  All of this extra blood flow also helps to make your lips appear fuller and your hair healthier.

The chemical flood is real. First is the dopamine, the pleasure chemical, which your brain releases a surge of when you orgasm. Then comes the oxytocin a.k.a. the love hormone. When it’s released you get all those really good feelings: relaxation, closeness, sexiness, desirability. Fun fact, oxytocin also works to fight cortisol, the hormone most closely related to stress.  Think, every orgasm helps you erase stress! 

Extra bonus? An orgasm before bed will get you closer to a full night sleep without needing any sleep aids. We all know good sleep is one of the keys to looking our best so hey, why not give the O a go. 

It feels good, it makes you look good, and it’s healthy. I’m sure you don’t need a reason but, we just thought you should know why the O makes you glow!