The Magic of the Mitt

Author Team Essentialist

We're obviously fans of microfiber cleansing mitts or we wouldn't be selling them. They're an incredible alternative to the double-cleanse and basically eliminate the need for traditional makeup remover. We'd love to rid of these annoying, and often oily, extra steps for good. Anyone valuing a simplified routine will agree.

So, how does it actually work? It's physics! The attraction between positively and negatively charged ions creates a suction so with just water any dirt, makeup, and impurities are loosened, lifted, and trapped by the cloth. Anything on the surface of the skin is picked up and swept away without need for a cleanser. These cloths are far more dense and absorbent than standard towels, with threads finer than human hair, allowing them to adhere to these fine and unwanted particles. Ours are super plush and extra large, comfortably fitting the whole hand. 

Microfiber makes the whole "removal" process a breeze. It's quick, easy, mess-free, and non-comedogenic. Dermatologists recommend them because they're gentle and you don't need to analyze ingredients like you would a cleanser. Anyone with problematic skin or battling breakouts should take note. We also love that they're non-toxic and sustainable, you can use them up to a thousand times! Just wash the mitt as you would a towel and repeat. We recommend using a gentle soap with warm water then rinsing, wringing out, and hanging your mitt to dry.

So, the mitt can remove makeup, clean your face, and gently exfoliate all in one. You can also eliminate your makeup removing products and lean less heavily on your cleansers because these need only water. Does that sound like a win? We think so. Get yours here today.