Spotlight on the Daily Renewal Facial Oil

Author Team Essentialist

We had to circle back to our OG hero product, the DRFO, because it's still that favorite product on our shelves. There's a reason our customers keep coming back for more- it's really damn good. If you haven't experienced the magic yet, one application should be all it takes to convince you. From a sun kissed glow to a supple bouncy finish, you'll feel radiant because you'll look it.

The DRFO literally creates a glow from within. So many oils just sit on the surface but the skin drinks ours in, then asks for more. The way it absorbs slowly but completely means you'll never be left looking greasy. It really comes down to what's in the bottle, and we've focused on giving you the best. In every bottle you get a complete profile of botanically derived Vitamins A, B, C, E & K, skin necessary Essential Fatty Acids Omega's 3, *5, 6 & 9 (*omega 5's only known natural source is pomegranate), and the most critical phytochemicals, nutrients, and ceramides essential for skin health.

It's the complete package, and from a moisturizing POV, you can't go wrong. This is a formula for all, here to transform and support skin using a science backed approach to nature. The nuance is all in the blend, being hydrating, nourishing, balancing, and restorative. It is absolutely non-comedogenic, uses no irritants, and was designed to work across the spectrum of skin type. It’s essentially adaptogenic in that it responds to your individual skins needs, like helping balance oil production in breakout prone skin, reducing inflammation and balancing sensitized skin, or simply infusing all the youth preserving elements that already happy healthy skin needs for maintenance.

Welcome to your new hero product!