Guasha Challenge: Saturday - Good Vibrations

Author Team Essentialist

It’s the weekend and we want you to spend it feeling your best. Are you sore, in pain, feeling down, tired, unfocused? Today’s tip is about reducing inflammation, clearing the mind, lifting the spirit, and bringing an energizing effect to the whole body- it’s for that all around feel good sensation. Follow Dr. Kung as she demonstrates how to use your guasha tool for acupressure on the DU 20 point at the top of your head.

It is a very important point in TCM which she loves for the role it plays in balancing yang energy. Du 20 is the highest point, or the one closest to heaven, so it’s considered a very powerful spiritual point that can also energetically “lift” your mood. It is also a great point for treating overall body pain and inflammation.

Fun tip: Use acupressure on this point any time you also want to look more “lifted” in the face.

Self Work: 

When you’re not feeling your best see if you can find a few moments to work on the DU 20 point. After your practice take two minutes to sit with yourself and meditate on your experience. How do you feel in your mind, body, soul? Try to hone in on any energetic shifts, they may be subtle so pay attention! 

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Saturday- "Good Vibrations"