Easy & Sustainable Beauty Hacks

Author Team Essentialist
We've rounded up some simple ways you can combat unnecessary waste and help green your daily routine (without making it feel like another job).

No more single use.

Whether it's a one time sheet mask or a pack of disposable wipes, single use products should be some of the first to eliminate.

Invest in reusable options. 

It's a bit more money up front and it takes a little extra effort for maintenance but we promise things such as reusable cotton rounds vs. the one and toss ones can make such a difference. Oh, and in the long run your tiny investment will pay off. You can also swap your razor for a more sustainable option, why not try a stainless steel safety razor? 

Look for eco-friendly packaging.

This one can be tough if some of your favourite brands still haven't adopted more sustainable practices but it's big one. Plastic packaging is notoriously difficult to recycle properly so if your area doesn't yet have a TerraCycle program (free recycling programs funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste) then opt for brands using better packaging alternatives such as glass. 

Take a slow approach.

Searching for products one by one as you need to replace them is one of the simplest ways to establishing a sustainable beauty routine. It allows you to be a more conscious consumer as you spend more time focusing on your current products and researching before trying out alternatives.

Look at the formulation’s ingredients.

Look for brands using natural and organic ingredients in their formulations produced and packaged in an environmentally friendly way (as you have with Essentialist!)

Avoid products with microplastics and microbeads. These tiny particles of plastic have many harmful effects on the planet and on us! We will talk more about this in a future blog - stay tuned!

Use apps to help you live more sustainably.

It can be difficult living a more sustainable life. Thankfully there are tons of apps that can help make this easier. Here are various apps we recommend looking into that can help make living a more sustainable lifestyle available at your fingertips. These apps do not just concern skincare and beauty but also other areas of your life as well!

The Capture Club: This app helps you track your carbon footprint. It can help you towards achieving a more sustainable lifestyle, whether that be through your diet, travel, etc.

Think Dirty: A well-known, clean beauty lover favourite. Think Dirty makes it easy for you to learn about potentially toxic ingredients in your favourite beauty products.

PaperKarma: This is an app that stops junk mail like actual real paper mail sent to your home or work, not email! All you have to do is take a picture to unsubscribe from catalogs, credit card offers and other unwanted paper mail. It helps save trees and reduce clutter!

thredUP: For those too lazy to leave their home and go thrifting, thredUP helps you browse through thousands of pre-owned garments from over 35,000 brands. You can also send those clothes you never wear to receive credit or cash!

Gardenia: This is a gardening app that allows you to learn about plants before purchasing, and about plants you already own. It also sends you notifications on when to water and be aware of the weather to keep your plant babies happy.


(Photo from @wefelicia on Instagram)