The Essentialist Way

Author Team Essentialist

For those of you who have been following us, you know we’re not your typical skincare brand. We were frustrated by the shortcomings of the more traditional skincare model so we decided to do things differently. Our minimalist, straight forward method was created to help make better choices and see better results. The care of skin shouldn’t be complicated, your routine shouldn’t feel like a burden, and with the right products you should be able to easily get problematic symptoms under control. 

Our skin is a delicate organ and it can be easily stressed by an overly aggressive routine. If you don’t approach your skin with that in mind you can become part of the problem you’re trying to solve. Product hopping, introducing more and more intense formulas, and an attitude of impatience are not going to serve you. Like anything in life, there are no good quick fixes, so we don’t promise them. What we do guarantee are results through stability and consistency. If you commit to cultivating a new approach with us, our gentle but effective formulas can be the change makers you’ve been looking for. Sometimes you have to unlearn everything and start fresh. 

Our capsule treatment collection is all about targeting the most pervasive skincare pitfalls: improper hydration, exfoliation, and masking. If you get any one of these wrong, your skin is going to suffer. Our DRFO targets poor hydration, microbiome disruption, and the imbalances that send our skin’s natural oil production out of whack. Our FFEP tackles exfoliation, one of the biggest pitfalls to a clear, radiant complexion. Most of us are getting it wrong- too much or not enough, grainy damaging scrubs that create micro-tears and disruptions, or looking for those quick fixes with peels that are far too intense. Lastly, our WRM, focuses on our tendency to over mask, layer actives incorrectly, and our knee-jerk reaction to go on the offensive when trying to clear or refine our skin. 

Our method is unconventional but, if we’ve learned anything it’s that convention is a killer. We’re cutting through the industry noise and looking past the bottom line to focus on performance. We’re not about launching as many products as possible, or rapidly widening our assortment just to have more goodies to sell. Every product we create is a hero in its own right and a problem solver that the industry is missing.