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Guasha Challenge: Sunday- Just Relax

It's Sunday, the day of rest and relaxation. The real question is are you actually resting and relaxing? You've probably already mentally stepped into the week ahead, we get it, sometimes it feels impossible to shut off. Dr. Kung knows the importance of being well rested and wants us all to make it a priority. Today she teaches us a trick to help us get...


Guasha Challenge: Saturday - Good Vibrations

It’s the weekend and we want you to spend it feeling your best. Are you sore, in pain, feeling down, tired, unfocused? Today’s tip is about reducing inflammation, clearing the mind, lifting the spirit, and bringing an energizing effect to the whole body- it’s for that all around feel good sensation. Follow Dr. Kung as she demonstrates how to use...


Guasha Challenge: Friday - Get Grounded

Have you been buzzing, floating, maybe feeling some residual frenetic energy from whatever happened this week?  At the end of the week we like to get grounded.  Allow yourself to process all that happened then move forward to enter a period of restoration. We’ll be focusing on the Kidney meridian for this exercise. The kidneys are the engine of the body....


Guasha Challenge: Thursday - Release It

Our focus today is relaxation through release. Pent up energy, emotions, thoughts, stress, or whatever it is, we want you to let it go. We love today’s tip because Dr. Kung shows us a hack that brings immediate results. The other tips work immediately too but this is more tangible, you should physically feel it. Working with the San Jiao and Gallbladder...


Guasha Challenge: Wednesday - Get Lifted

Why can Wednesday's be so challenging? Are you lethargic, tired, bloated, or crampy? We want to help get rid of those Wednesday (or any day) slumps. Not affected by hump day slumps? Do you ever experience that drag-your-feet afternoon feeling, or have you ever struggled to get through a painful menstrual cycle? If the answer is no, congrats, what's your secret?!  If the...

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