Skin Care that isn't Skincare

Author Team Essentialist

So many of us are hyper focused on our skincare routines but don't look past the products we use. If you go beyond your bathroom shelf there are some super simple and effective ways to show your skin love. Read below for some easy hacks.

Water Filters- Not just for drinking but for your shower and sink too. If you can do a built in filtration system that's fantastic but for those who can't, ie. renters or budget conscious readers, add a filter to your shower head and tap. Pipes are full of nasty things that you want to keep away from your face, body, and mouth.

Hydration- We're still on the water theme because it's a big one. Hydration starts from the inside out and if you're dehydrated it will show. This formula is used to determine the exact amount of water to drink for your weight: weight x 2/3 (or 0.67). Example, 120lbs x 0.67 = 80.4 ounces of water daily. Increase in cases of intense exercise, pregnancy, or other circumstances (you know your body). A simple rule of thumb is 11.5 cups per day for women and 15.5 cups per day for men.

Humidifiers- Yes, water again! The air in our homes can be very dry which works against your skin. Adding moisture to your air helps your skin retain the hydration levels you're working to build. It will also help with irritations like eczema, itchiness, and go further to help your breathing and sleep quality. 

Air purifiers- Cleaning your air is huge but also often overlooked. Even though we cannot see these contaminants rest assured that dust, mold, and other pollutants live in our homes. Not only will you breathe better with cleaner air but it can lead to a reduction in acne, skin irritations, and overall skin dryness.

Work on these four things and we guarantee you'll notice an improvement in your skin. Happy healthy homemaking!

Photo @anakahdejong