Face Love - A Guided Meditation

Author Team Essentialist

Welcome to 2021! If you've already set some goals and intentions then bravo! While it's all still feeling fresh we wanted to remind you that a new year is a great opportunity to shift your mindset.  In this case, we want you to let go of any negativity regarding your self image and help you nurture a deeper self-love.  

As you know, we're all about promoting beauty from the inside out. Yes our products work topically but, they work in support of the inner beauty you must actively cultivate. Do you know those people who seem to glow from the inside out? That doesn't come from perfect skin or model-like bone structure, it comes from a deep sense of inner peace, self-love, and awareness that has been developed with time and intentional practice. Mediation is a powerful tool that's integral to that practice. 

Jordyn Roe of @quantumjumpingforjoy helps kickstart the process with a guided meditation created especially for our Essentialist community. Let's reframe negative self image and tap into that perfectly imperfect essence that makes each of us uniquely beautiful. Have a self-care moment. Take a few minutes out of your day to stop what you're doing, be fully present, and enjoy this mediation.

With love,

Team Essentialist xx


Photo source unknown, found on Pinterest.