Guasha Challenge: Sunday- Just Relax

Author Team Essentialist

It's Sunday, the day of rest and relaxation. The real question is are you actually resting and relaxing? You've probably already mentally stepped into the week ahead, we get it, sometimes it feels impossible to shut off. Dr. Kung knows the importance of being well rested and wants us all to make it a priority. Today she teaches us a trick to help us get a little mental and physical quiet time. 

Watch as Dr. Kung demonstrates an exercise using our guasha tool on the yingtang point. The yingtang acupressure point is located between the eyebrows where the bridge of the nose meets the forehead. This is a great place to focus energy when you want to calm the mind and body. This point, also known as the third eye, is a gateway for spiritual, mental and emotional balance and clarity. When you guasha on this point it activates the prefrontal cortex of the brain that rules over stress, decision making, emotions, and cognitive behavior. You can also gausha over your eyebrows- this muscle holds lots of tension and is often overlooked.  

Self Work: 

Practice this technique anytime you feel your mind working overtime, or when you're just in need of some rest. Try to incorporate it into your routine on a regular basis and note your progress. Have any shifts happened? Check in after three, five, seven, and ten days, do you feel more rested and relaxed in general? Were you able to apply this to a specific point in time and generate a more relaxed state of being?

NOTE: If watching on a computer, click the fullscreen button on the bottom right hand corner for best viewing quality!  

Sunday- Just Relax