Gua Sha - An Introduction with Dr. Debbie Kung

Author Team Essentialist

Watch as Debbie Kung, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, demonstrates our introductory guasha flow (detailed below) using our Edgy tool. This video serves as a brief tutorial to familiarize you with the tool and practice method. It is quite intuitive once you get a feel for the stone and how it fits on the face. The goal is to teach you the technique so you may mindfully practice (unassisted) in the future. 

 The Ritual 

Start by generously misting toner or essence onto your clean face, then apply 3-5 drops of our Daily Renewal Facial Oil all over your face and neck. The key is to create a surface that your tool will glide across - you never want to use one of our Guasha tools on dry skin. Take this time to set the tone for your ritual by practicing deep cleansing breaths.

The start and finish points for each segment in the video are also indicated below.  Repeat the sweeping motion at least 3-5x for each area before moving on to the next.  Complete the full cycle on the left side then follow on the right.  Remember to use gentle even pressure in a pulling motion, do not drag the tool.  Take extra care around the eyes and re-apply oil if you feel the tool start to drag.  Most importantly it's not a race, it's a self-care practice so slow down, relax, and enjoy!

The Pathway

  1. Middle of your chin moving toward the earlobe under the jawline. 
  2. Middle of chin moving over the jawline toward the earlobe. Gently wiggle the tool at your ear. This is an important point for lymphatic fluid to drain down the neck.
  3. Next to the nose moving under the cheekbone toward the hairline. Do another wiggle at the hairline to promote drainage of the fluid you picked up along this channel. 
  4. Next to the nose moving over the cheekbone to the hairline.
  5. Under your eye, either from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, or all the way to the hairline. Be very gentle here, these are incredibly delicate lymphatic channels.
  6. Center of the forehead over the brow bone then diagonally up to the hairline. 
  7. Center of the forehead between the brows, moving vertically up to your hairline over your third eye.
  8. Center of the forehead moving horizontally across to the hairline.
  9. Center of the forehead moving horizontally across to the hairline and continuing the motion behind the ear and down the side of your neck.
  10. Under the ear where the jawbone meets the neck, down the side of your neck .

    ***Repeat full cycle on the other side of your face***


We are big fans of Debbie at Essentialist and suggest visiting her website and Instagram for more healthful tips.  She possesses a wealth of information on wellness and is always happy to share.  For those who dwell in Austin or NYC book an appointment for her signature facial rejuvenation treatment, we can't recommend it enough!